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How do I maintain my newly poured concrete slab or patio?

We seal all our concrete to help maintain quality and prevent future damage. That said, your newly poured and sealed concrete slab will need periodic upkeep to extend its like. It will not need to be resealed for at least a year, and after that try to reseal it every other year, or every year for a high traffic area like driveways. You can help maintain it by cleaning up spills immediately and keeping it sealed to prevent severe weather and wear and tear from damaging it. 

How long after my concrete driveway is poured is it okay to drive on?

Newly poured and sealed concrete is okay to walk on after 24 hours, but you should wait at least 7 full days before driving on it. Because concrete is a natural building material, it expands and contracts with the weather, so you want to give it enough time to come to a state of stability before using it heavily.

How long will my new concrete last?

Concrete that is properly designed and poured by a licenced driveway installer or concrete contractor can last up to 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance. However, cracks and fissures can and will occur even with the best concrete construction. These should be addressed immediately to extend the life of your concrete.

How do I prevent cracking or chipping my new concrete?

Because concrete shrinks as it dries it is prone to cracking. Cracking can be minimized by putting in control joints that allow for this contraction. A good paving contractor will work with you and advise the best method for doing this depending on your particular project. Concrete will also crack if roots or other vegetation grows below it or alongside it. You can help by keeping the sides of your concrete walk clear of grass or other vegetation.

Do I need to reseal my concrete patio or driveway?

A concrete patio installer or driveway installer will seal your driveway or patio after it fully cures, but you should plan on reselling it about every year depending on the traffic it gets, and how exposed to the weather it is.

How do I know if I need concrete services?

If you have an existing concrete patio, walkway, or driveway that is cracking or chipping, you may need to hire a paving contractor to replace or repair the concrete. Smaller cracks and chips can often be handled by the home or business owner, but larger ones should be done by a licensed concrete construction service. Or, if you are looking to add in a new concrete patio or slab, make sure you use a reputable concrete patio installer like PDX Concrete Contractors. 

How do I choose a good concrete contractor?

Choosing a reputable concrete contractor is vital for any potential project. Make sure your contractor is licensed and bonded, read reviews, and get recommendations from friends and neighbors. We’re certain you’ll be thoroughly satisfied with PDX Concrete Contractors.

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