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Welcome to PDX Concrete Contractors, the leading concrete removal company in Portland, OR. We specialize in residential and commercial concrete removal services. Our expert team can handle patios, sidewalks, slabs, driveways, and decorative or stamped concrete. With a commitment to safety and efficiency, we complete projects professionally while minimizing disruption to your property. Trust us to transform your space and make way for new possibilities.

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Concrete Removal Contractors

When it comes to concrete removal, choose PDX. Our experienced team is equipped with advanced tools and techniques for any task. From cutting and demolition to tearing out old concrete, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction. With our expertise in concrete demolition, we are the go-to company for all your needs. Experience excellence with PDX Concrete Contractors.

Concrete Demolition

PDX Concrete specializes in concrete demolition for residential and commercial clients. Our skilled professionals use advanced techniques to make precise cuts, minimizing damage to nearby properties. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility by recycling or repurposing removed concrete. Trust us for your Portland concrete removal needs.

Concrete Removal Services

Worker resurfacing concrete sidewalk with hand float

Patio Concrete Removal

We provide efficient patio concrete removal. Our professionals use strategic methods to safely and quickly remove your old patio, preparing your outdoor space for future enhancements.

Workers finishing a surface in ongoing project in Portland, OR

Sidewalk Concrete Removal

We handle both residential and commercial sidewalk concrete removal with meticulousness. We diligently dismantle the old structure, readying the ground for potential new installations.

The image shows a close-up of a demolished concrete edge next to an intact concrete surface. There are scattered chunks of broken concrete and rubble on the ground, indicating recent construction work or demolition. The textures of the concrete pieces and the dirt ground are clearly visible, suggesting the site is under active construction or renovation.

Slab Concrete Removal

Our team offers expert slab concrete removal services, using advanced equipment and techniques for a smooth process, preparing the site for your upcoming project.

Person spraying sealant on textured concrete driveway.

Stamped Concrete Removal

Stamped concrete removal can be complex, but our professionals excel in executing this process. We ensure the underlying structure is unharmed during removal.

Worker using a drill on a wall for home renovation.

Decorative Concrete Removal

We specialize in decorative concrete removal, using careful demolition techniques to maintain your space’s aesthetics and minimize the impact on surrounding areas.

Damaged sidewalk with uneven concrete slabs and puddles.

Driveway Concrete Removal

Our efficient driveway concrete removal service minimizes disruption to your routine. We clear all debris, leaving a clean space ready for transformation.

PDX Concrete Contractors: A Partner in Transformation

Remember that PDX Concrete Contractors doesn’t merely handle concrete removal – we are your dedicated partners in transformation. We stand for quality, safety, and unwavering reliability, fostering enduring relationships with our clients in Portland, OR. Partner with us for your concrete removal needs, and let’s lay the groundwork for new beginnings, together.

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